Zombicide boardgame - That's a tower - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

Game: Zombicide (CoolMiniOrNot)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

Translation based on: Zombicide társasjáték - Az egy torony - Játék narratíva Ottótól (2017.09.10)
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The story of the Zombicide game experience based on real events was made by Gregor Ottó.

* * *

They locked us. We could not run away. The district swirled all over the zombies. There was a way left for us. Up! There was a giant radio tower in the street. It is enclosed by a two-storey, massive fence. It did not work, but with a control panel we opened the electric doors, which allowed us to run for help and then return to the radio tower where the helicopter could pick us up. But for the key to the tower gate we had to go deep! To the bottom of a cellar.

Zombicide boardgame - That's a tower - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

The band consisted of Shannon, the soldier, Amy, the athletic goth girl, Belle, the streetcar of Parkour, Tiff, a former rock band singer, Julien, the commando, and Vanda, the dressmaker with skate on his feet. Later, Kitty Pitypang, a sniper and the life-saving Kakszi Pista carpenter / master builder / interior designer / mason joined us. They both slept in a police car.

Zombicide boardgame - That's a tower - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

The plan was simple. Go down to the cellar for the key, get into the radio tower, open the electric door, Vanda as the fastest person to send for help, wait for the help and then bring everyone back to the tower, which means success. From the tower, with sniper rifles, we were able to provide continuous support to the fighters below. Fortunately, there were two on the pitch, plus Pitypang Kata with his own shotgun. It worked in theory. In practice, of course nothing went wrong with that!

From the basement, the key was fast, with no clutter. The agile, athletic characters, Belle and Amy were running for a moment. The other two thirds of the team hit one of the sniper rifles. It was too late when we realized that the team had torn into three parts!

Zombicide boardgame - That's a tower - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

555/5000 First, Julien was hit by a sniper rifle into the tower. He gave a successful support while the others were going after him, but an acid-blooded spit appeared and blocked our way. There was no weapon against us! We did not want to leave a man, so Shannon was still fired on the fence with the other sniper rifle, but he was out of the ferocious claws of the monster to get in. The others stayed on the street trying to keep the front but just too many came, too strong. And here came Pista Kakszi, dockman!

- Close the street with barricades.
- But how do we get to the tower?
- Let's worry about it later!

Zombicide boardgame - That's a tower - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

We closed the crossroads so we trapped the Acid Poison. We left one street open to the buildings as a escape route. We kept ourselves. Pista Kakszi shopkeeper, barricades built from shopping carts persisted! Vanda said "now or never" and has already rolled on roller skates through the building to help. He slammed past the monsters and came out. Fuck you girl! Get help, because here we are dead!

We got off pretty slowly from the street, into the buildings where the zombie crowd was rolling! There were pits for traps, but they did not keep the zombies forever in the depths (We put it in the rule, there are 10 zombies in the pit, when there is the tenth in the next round, each of them climbs, clinging to each other's back). Barricades, on the street. That's how Vanda returned and comforted that the helicopter arrives, only to get to the tower. Nevertheless, we had to barge the entrance to the building. The fallen college students' buildings in Kakszi Pista did not last longer than 1 or 2 circles, but they built them from room to room. The horde grew and grew! We pushed back inside and down until we were all back to the edge of the pit. In front of you, on the other end of our last barricade, the zombie mass, the poisonous bullet in the lead, behind us the tarragon filled with marble zombies. There was nowhere to run!

Zombicide boardgame - That's a tower - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

Tiff stumbled on something. He thought I was just a little mumble, but when he saw it better, he whispered. It was round. Green color. Oh, my God! Hope! There was gasoline in Vanda's bag. He had already asked for the flammable pot and filled it in the fragile green glass. Not a drop went beside her. He tore his T-shirt's finger and hit the bottle well. Spark flashed! Flame flared up! Then an evil grin ... Throw it! Pista firefighter Kakszi, his life-saving barricade, is a huge explosion, a death grind. The road is free! With a loose gesture, Kakszi Pista copier has already dismantled the barricade and we rushed through the blazing building into the street. The snipers covered us, so we quickly reached the far side of the fence, where Pista Wounder Kakszi, with the last barricade of his life, closed us to the tower. We breathe out the air! We're safe.

The helicopter arrived as it was promised, the top of the tower successfully assembled the team and we flew far, in the sunlight, safe! Thanks to Pista Kakszi, we're all alive!

Thank You!

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