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Set: Project: ELITE Base Set v2, Product Code: PEG-BGA, Set type: Boardgame base set, Range: Project: ELITE (Futuristic), Company: Artipia GamesDrawlab Entertainment, Production: 2016-2017-
Designer: Konstantinos Kokkinis, Sotirios Tsantilas

Players: 1-4, Player abilitiess: Various, Different, Units: Single figures
Turn structure: Real-time,  Movement: Movement grid (square)
Playing time: 30 min, Play style: Cooperative, Theme: Combat, Language dependency: Rulebook, cards
Features: Solo, Miniatures, Random effects (dice)

Species: Various, Scale: 1:45 (40mm), Proportions: Realistic, Size: Various, Material: ?, Priming: ?
Assembly: One-piece, Posing: ?, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: On scenic base, Sculptor: Antonis Papantoniou
Features: Various

The Project: ELITE Base Set v2 is an improved version of Project: ELITE Base Set v1 from 2015.


The miniatures in the Project: ELITE Boardgame
The miniatures in the Project: ELITE Base Set

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"Project:ELITE is an innovative real-time board game full of intense moments. Players take the role of members of a special ops team called Project: ELITE. They are sent on dangerous missions trying to complete objectives while swarms of aliens attack them."

"Project: ELITE is a 1-4 player game, for ages 12 and above, that takes  approximately 30-45 minutes to play.

Project: ELITE takes the idea of a real-time co-operative dice game, and with unique twists brings innovative new mechanics to the table. Players take the role of a special ops team with the mission to hold back an ongoing alien invasion trying to take over the Earth.

Players need to work together in short 2-minute rounds deciding quickly among defending their base, hunting down some aliens or completing their objectives. Special events and unique alien abilities make every round different and highly challenging for the players. To win the game they will have to rely not only on their special weapons and items, but on their fast reflexes as well.

The game provides endless replayability with a 2-sided board depicting two different landscapes, 4 different kinds of objectives, 3 levels of difficulty and a plethora of weapons, items and events, making every game a unique, ELITE experience."

"Project: ELITE is a co-operative, real-time, speed-dice, tactical, tower-defense-like game in which players roll dice with symbols as fast as they can allowing them to do various actions with their character on the game board. They move around shooting and cutting through waves of aliens blocking their advance while at the same time they try to complete objectives that will bring them to victory.

The game consists of a number of real-time 2-minute Rounds (depending on the scenario) separated by an AI Alien phase where aliens perform abilities, advance towards their goal and receive reinforcements.

The constant performance of actions through dice rolling combined with an innovative combat/movement system result in a mix of intense gameplay that offers countless hours of fun.

What really makes Project: ELITE unique is the "Alien Move" symbol that appears on one side of each of the player's dice and forces him/her to move an alien towards their goal.

The end-result is a real-time tactical board game where friend and foe are on an constant motion trying to prevail."

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Reviews praise the randomness of the game. However, this randomness sometimes mean that the opposition just crushes the players. Due to the quick game, this might not pose that much of a problem.

The Recon and Recovery missions are said to be too similar.

When you play solo, the starting equipment is very important. If you get something useless, you might not be able to find more equipment before being killed.

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Contents - Project: ELITE Base Set v2

6x Characters

8x Boss Aliens

6x Special Aliens

60x Aliens

20x Biter sc1 v2

20x Runner sc1 v2

20x SShooter sc1 v2

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Resources - Project: ELITE Base Set v2



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Buying the product - Project: ELITE Base Set v2

Base price (Project: ELITE Base Set v2): 100 EUR, Price/mini: ca. 1 EUR if you need the others

Artipia Games: Project: ELITE: Official webpage.
Drawlab Entertainment: Project: ELITE: Official webpage.

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