Proportion: Top-down

image © Mantic Games

Proportion: Shrivelled legs

The miniature is similar to the original model, but the legs are thinner, as if you are looking at the miniature from a higher position. The top-down position makes them look higher if you look at them from the top. Seeing from the front they look like they couldn't support the body of the miniature. This is probably done to make the miniature look higher than it is, without making the miniature itself bigger. From a higher viewpoint it looks like the creature is so large, that the legs look tiny due to perspective distortion.

I think it works all right for the boardgames, especially for single giants but I don't like the use of them for mass combat games.

Top-down miniature proportions Top-down miniature proportions
image © Fantasy Flight Games image © Mantic Games
Top-down miniature proportions

Examples: Kings of War large humanoids (Mantic Games), Descent giants (Fantasy Flight Games), Zombicide large humanoids (CoolMiniOrNot Games)

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