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Victory Makett

Shop: Victory Makett (Victory Makett webstore)

Victory Makett is a gaming store. It is being run by Borsi Sándor and Csuka Andrea. It is based in Dunaharaszti, Hungary (Europe).

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Shipping: Personal delivery in designated locations, Delivery to Hungarian shipping address, Delivery to Hungarian post office

Payment methods: Bank transfer in advance, Cash on delivery, probably Cash by personal delivery

International shipping: No indication

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Victory Makett - Company info

Victory Makett webstore (in Hungarian, prices in HUF)

Victory Makett Facebook page (in Hungarian)

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  • Makettfesztivál miniatures convention 2016 Miskolc - Event coverage

    Makettfesztivál 2016 Miskolc

    The Nexus Club took part in the Makettfesztivál 2016 miniatures convention in Miskolc on 2016.01.30-31, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modelling competition was also held here. Sarkadi Sándor came from Debrecen to do a demonstration of the Kings of War, a fantasy tactical game from Mantic Games. For this occasion wargaming boards were made by Kelemen Gábor and by the Scenery World Workshop.

  • Donation from the Victory Makett shop to the Nexus Club

    Donation from the Victory Makett shop

    The Victory Makett (Victory Makett webstore) modelling shop donated this lovely set of Space Marine for the Nexus Club. We express our gratitude to Sándor Borsi, who offered these miniatures from his own collection for the use of the community of our club. The needs of the Imperial players will be satisfied for a long time!

    Donation from the Victory Makett shop

    Donation from the Victory Makett shop

    Donation from the Victory Makett shop

    The gift came just in time to impress the visitors of the Makettfesztivál 2016, a miniatures convention organized in Miskolc, Hungary. The little generals quickly took possession of the miniatures to enthusiastically wage war with the help of the older members.

    Little generals waging war

    Little generals waging war

    Little generals waging war

    Some of the guests didn't bother themselves with any kind of written rules, just had a good time playing with the beautifully painted miniatures using their own imagination to create cute stories. (The illustration shows a little girl trying to balance each and every Blood Angel miniature on top of the tank for some strategical reason.)

    Small girl playing with space marines

    Victory Makett info

    Victory Makett webshop: Based in Dunaharaszti, Hungary

    Victory Makett Facebook page


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