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Renegade Miniatures - Orc with Spear #2
Renegade Miniatures - Orc with Spear #2

The scale of Renegade Miniatures' orc range is 1:56 (28mm) instead of the usual 1:72 I use for my games, but I thought I could use them as bigger, older orcs besides the smaller 1:72 rookies. I got one of the orc spearmen for this duty.

Update: Since then I've changed my miniature choice to 1:56, and this miniature still stands somewhat bigger due to its Heroic proportions, so it's still a good as a leader figure.

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Miniature figure: Orc with Spear #2

GN Code: (ORC0101-2)

Set: Orcs Spears: includes 1

Size: Human-sized (S3), Species: Orc (Humanoid - Savage humanoid), Gender: male, Technology: MedievalFantasy (Archaic), Role: Warrior, Armour: Scale armour (armour), Helmet: helmet, Equipment in hand: spear (Weaponsmelee weapon / polearm), shield, Equipment carried: none, Based on: ?

Features: Human-sized (S3) MedievalFantasy (Archaic) Orc (Savage humanoid) Humanoid Warrior in armour and helmet, with spear (Weaponsmelee weapon / polearm) and shield

Archaic miniature, Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Fantasy humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Medieval humanoid,

Species: Humanoid alien - Orc

Technology: FantasyMedieval (Archaic)

Range: Orcs (Fantasy)

Company: Renegade Miniatures

Material: White metal

Priming: Primer needed - Primer must be applied before acrylic paints

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) if it's human sized

Proportions: Heroic scale, but it's hard to tell on a non-human

Assembly: One-piece, plus shield

Posing: Hard

Paintjob: Unpainted

Base: Tabbed for slottabase

Design: ?

Sculptor: Kevin Adam (Goblin Master)

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It is a one-piece (plus shield) white metal miniature. The detail is good, and there was no flash or mould lines.

The shield is round, with a spike added in the middle. It fits the left hand well. I suppose it might even remain in place, but as it's heavy enough, I'd recommend gluing it.

While the Renegade orcs are somewhat similar to the Games Workshop ones, I prefer the look of the former. Their proportions are more realistic, and their features are less exaggerated then the GW orcs. Maybe the boots could be a little smaller, but overall I like them.

Scale & Size

It's 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) if the creature is human sized. Its size is 26mm from bottom of the feet to eye level, and 30mm to the top of the helmet.


The proportions are heroic - the feet, hands and head is oversized, though it's not easy to state this for a non-human creature.


The details are hard, it's very easy to paint.


It's made of white metal. The metal is soft enough that I could effortlessly cut the tab from the bottom, but hard enough to need a drill for pinning.


The miniature is made of metal so primer must be applied before painting with acrylic paint.


The miniature is unpainted.


One-piece, no assembly needed. The shield fits the left hand but I'd recommend gluing.


The miniature comes with a shield.


Not possible unless you are very determined. Probably the head could be cut to be repositioned or swapped.


The miniature is tabbed for slottabase. The size of the tab is the usual for GW miniatures, and it fits the slot tightly.


The sculpt is good, the details are hard.


Kevin Adams, the Goblin Master


The post is static. The miniature itself is well balanced. After cutting the tabs it stand on its legs without further support. As the right foot and the shaft of the spear is joined, cutting the tab was a bit more difficult than usual, but it's still easy enough.

I can't really see how to change the pose into a more dynamic one without a lot of effort, so I'd leave it this way.


There was no flash or mould lines.


Painting is a little bit tricky, but managable. It comes in one piece, so there are hard to reach parts, like the neck and the inner sides of the arms. The borders of different areas are separated, so it's easy to paint them. The recesses are deep enough to make it easy to drybrush, or to take paint while using wash.

Read my experiences about converting and painting the Orc with spear #2 from Renegade Miniatures:


  • Helmet
  • Large, pointy ears
  • Human-like facial features
  • Scale armour
  • Large belt buckle
  • Spear in right hand
  • Heavy boots with furry rim


While they are not the cheapest 1:56 (28/32mm) orc miniatures out there (their price is currently the double of the GW orcs), I like their looks and quality.

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Comparison photos

Renegade Miniatures - Orc with Spear #2 - 1/72 comparison with Italeri gaul (left) and Zvezda Russian knights archer (right)
Renegade Miniatures Orc with spear #2 - 1/72 (25mm) comparison with Italeri gaul (left) and Zvezda Russian knights archer (right). The 1/72 minis are on their own bases, so take this into consideration.


Renegade Miniatures - Orc with Spear #2 - 1:64 (28mm) comparison with Games Workshop Warhammer beastman (left) and Ed5 Bretonnian archer (right).
Renegade Miniatures Orc with spear #2 - 1:64 (28mm) comparison with Games Workshop Warhammer beastman (left) and Ed5 Bretonnian archer (right).


Renegade Miniatures - Orc with Spear #2 - 1:35 comparison with 40mm high shepherd and 54mm high soldier.
Renegade Miniatures Orc with spear #2 - 1:35 (54mm) comparison with 40mm high shepherd and 54mm high soldier.

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Using the miniature

Possible uses

  • 1:72 scale: A giant orc, ogre, half-giant.
  • 1:64 scale: An orc, half-orc, maybe a half-ogre. The face is human-like, so it might be used for almost any humanoid.
  • 1:35 scale: A small orc or goblin. Maybe a dwarf, if you add a beard.
  • Warrior
  • Gate guard
  • Bodyguard

Uses for games

Uses on the website

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Photo gallery

  • Soon

Other's articles - Reviews

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Buying the product


Company Set price (2015)
Price / mini (2015)
Renegade Miniatures

ORC0101 Orcs Spears (12 GBP = 16,8 Euro / 18,7 USD)
Pack of 4 different orc miniatures. Orc with Spear #1-4

3 GBP = 4,2 Euro / 4,7 USD

Where can you buy it?

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Possible substitutes

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Do you have a Orc with Spear #2 miniature from Renegade Miniatures? How do you like it? Would you recommend them to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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